Summer Is nearly Here! Summer is almost here!

Summer Is nearly Here! Summer is almost here! In only a few short weeks senior high school students across the country are going to be going on summer break. We receive numerous questions from pupils as to what they should be doing over the summer. There truly isn’t one answer.

Having read 46,000 applications, an array has been seen by us of summer experiences that students have embarked on. We’ve look over every thing from summer time programs at prestigious universities, to gaining work experience at their local mall, to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (literally). We admire students that pursue their interests.

Here is a list that is short of activities you could pursue:

  • Volunteer at a hospital, park, library, museum or aquarium
  • Become a Camp Counselor at a summer camp
  • Train to be a lifeguard at your pool that is local, or coastline
  • Baby-sit your neighbor’s kid
  • Take a college-visit road trip
  • Serve up fro-yo at your local yogurt that is frozen (acquire some work experience)
  • Sign up for the mission or service trip in america or abroad
  • Tutor younger students in your chosen topic
  • Take a class at your community that is local college college

Whatever you become achieving this summer, be sure to opt for a summer time activity considering what you love doing and not based on exactly how you think it will look on your college applications.

Transfer Decisions

In about a week we is contacting transfer applicants regarding their application to USC. at this time a few students have heard Lire la suite

Your (Educational Funding) Questions: Answered!

Your (Educational Funding) Questions: Answered!

This has been great to hear from so many excited admitted students, but we know that numerous families still have actually lingering financial aid questions. We thought it could be beneficial to compile a list of the common questions we have received and have the Office of Financial Aid respond. Please see the post below for responses to questions that are common may have about school funding at USC:

Why is the EFC determined by USC different than the EFC reported on FAFSA?

The information you provided on the FAFSA is used to calculate eligibility for federal student aid (including Pell Grant, Stafford Direct and Perkins Loans, and Federal Work-Study), utilizing a formula known as Federal Methodology (FM). FM takes into consideration:

• Total earnings (taxable and nontaxable).
• resource equity (not like the family’s house and/or business or farm, if the household is really a bulk owner with less than 100 employees).
• Allowances for basic living expenses and retirement.
• Family size and number of children in college.

Eligibility for university grant funding and other university need-based aid is determined by firmly taking into account the excess data provided in your CSS PROFILE, federal income tax information as well as other supporting documents, using a formula known as Institutional Methodology (IM). This formula may include some sources of untaxed income also home and business or farm equity. I Lire la suite

Things to Avoid whenever You’re Applying (or how exactly to conquer your senior fall)

 Things to Avoid whenever You’re Applying (or how exactly to conquer your senior fall)

Enough time had come. My bachelor’s degree was newly in hand, and I also decided to accept the first job I had been offered ( it absolutely was the Great Recession and driving a car of unemployment was very real). Thankfully, working together with highschool seniors as they navigated the college application process turned out to be a fit that is great me! I discovered many things working at a high school (did you know there is an app that calculates the likelihood you will get yourself a snow day?!), and each fall was a concept in how difficult it is to become a 12th grader.

Senior is tough year! You’re in your hardest classes up to now, you are taking on more and more obligations, you’re hitting a milestone nearly every week…and then you are asked by us to college. 12th grade may never be easy, you can simply make it less hard. Though each student’s college procedure is unique, you will find a small number of behaviors/mind sets that I have experienced cause stress that is unnecessary and time again. Some call them the Four Horseman of the Appocalypse that is common by some after all me), but these are typically all avoidable knowing how exactly to recognize the signs!

 Focusing too much on what you can’t change.

Can you keep worrying about that C you got in freshman English? Are you regretting your decision to stop the track team? Many students invest their Lire la suite