Sheldon Adelson Outspent by Online Gambling Lobbying

Sheldon Adelson Outspent by Online Gambling Lobbying

Las vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has been outspent with a wide margin whenever it comes to on the web gambling lobbying efforts. (Image:

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson could see online gambling as a threat to his casinos that are land-based but on line gambling proponents see Sheldon Adelson as a hazard for their existence also. Perhaps which explains why both sides regarding the Internet gambling debate have had no trouble flashing some money in their efforts to either protect or destroy online gambling in the United States.

One of many major battlefronts is winning over key legislators in Congress who could push through bills or stall the efforts of opponents. As you’d expect, there is been plenty spent on lobbying from all sides of the gaming industry on the problem of Web gambling. What you may possibly not have guessed is that billionaire Sheldon Adelson is actually being outspent by his opponents, and by a margin that is significant.

Caesars Significantly Outspending Sands

According to data at, a site that tracks all publicly available info on political contributions, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. spent $290,000 during the second quarter of 2014 on their lobbying efforts to stop online gambling. That brought their total for the year to $460,000.

That is maybe not insignificant in the world of lobbying, while the results demonstrate into the introduction of bills just like th Lire la suite

Phil Ivey Eyes Healthcare Marijuana Biz for Newest Joint Venture

Phil Ivey Eyes Healthcare Marijuana Biz for Newest Joint Venture

Poker superstar Phil Ivey has received preliminary approval for A las vegas, nevada medical marijuana dispensary license in Nevada.

Phil Ivey is not smoking one thing, but his future customers may be: Ivey received one of 26 license that is preliminary for a medical marijuana dispensary from the Las Vegas City Council previously this week, possibly making the poker superstar one of the primary operators into the town to provide pot to consumers.

You will find still further steps necessary before Ivey gets last approval to open such a business, but his approval does suggest that the city found him qualified to go on in the licensing procedure.

About 50 possible operators went before the City Council this week to plead their cases for medical marijuana licenses. Those that got preliminary approval from the city will now have to be approved by the state health division.

The City Council will ultimately hold a final suitability meeting for the people approved by the state before awarding a restricted number of licenses that have been set aside for Las Vegas.

Which means that Ivey still has a way that is long go before obtaining a final go-ahead to dispense medical cannabis in Sin City. But if he makes his way through the various licensing stages, Ivey might end up slinging weed in the same way prolifically as he makes pot-sized bets at the poker table.

Council Split on Licensing Process

There is a lot of debate ove Lire la suite

Trump Entertainment Bankruptcy Kicks Betfair to the Curb

Trump Entertainment Bankruptcy Kicks Betfair to the Curb

Betfair will have limited participation in the Trump Plaza shutdown, and will likely be scrambling for the home that is new.

Even as Trump Entertainment Resorts (TER) filed for bankruptcy protection this online gaming operator Betfair’s involvement in the shutdown proceedings of the Trump Plaza became more twisted week. That’s since the Internet gambling provider could also be homeless soon.

Trump Plaza’s parent, Trump Entertainment Resorts, just filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday of this week. Betfair had originally planned and received the NJDGE’s blessing to switch their host housing over to sister property the Trump Taj Mahal, but now that property seems to be closing in mid-November as well, unless casino worker union wage battles are miraculously resolved during the eleventh hour.

As Atlantic City casinos continue to close, you can find number of ongoing storylines. Many locals are understandably focused on the immediate loss in thousands of jobs, while officials wonder in regards to the longer-term transformation for the city that will ideally make it less casino-dependent. But another issue concerns the gambling that is online associated with these gambling enterprises, and precisely what computer software providers and other partners can do within the wake of the closures.

According to the NJDGE, these firms do at the least deserve a seat at the table. The DGE has consented to enable Betfair Lire la suite

Golden Nugget New Jersey Unshuffled Baccarat OK, States DGE

Golden Nugget New Jersey Unshuffled Baccarat OK, States DGE

The DGE has ruled in favor of players in the lawsuit that is million-dollar an unshuffled baccarat deck at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. (Image:

The Golden Nugget nj can inhale a little easier this week, after the Atlantic City casino had been exonerated for a casino game of mini-baccarat that sparked a lawsuit that is million-dollar. The game has now been deemed legal by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) following an investigation that is two-year.

And here’s the back story: In 2012, a team of clients at the Golden Nugget nj casino spotted a brand new deck of cards at one baccarat dining table that appeared become unshuffled. The cards had been being dealt in specific order that repeated itself every 15 fingers, letting them know with nearly certainty that is complete cards were coming next. Upping their wagers to as much as $5,000, opportunistic gamblers been able to win 41 hands in a line and collectively bank $1.5 million.

The casino quickly put the kibosh on the fishy game and called State Police and the DGE, however before it had compensated out $500,000 regarding the $1.5 million.

It seems that the cards were expected to show up from the manufacturer, Kansas-based company Gemaco, in a pre-shuffled state, using a machine that uses complex algorithms to make sure that no two decks would be the same. This deck that is particular however, somehow slipped throug Lire la suite

Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Youngster Support

Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Youngster Support

Ohio gambling enterprises such as the Hollywood Casino in Columbus will now withhold winnings from players who owe youngster support. (Image: Brooke Lavalley/Dispatch File Photo)

At Ohio casinos, gamblers who think they’ve simply won a major jackpot could be set for a surprise, at minimum if they have outstanding child support re payments. That’s because a new program is now in destination to make sure that debtors who owe money for the well-being of their children won’t be in a position to collect their gambling winnings without paying back what they owe first.

The new ‘intercept program’ is now moving forward at all four casinos in Ohio. The properties have agreed to function with all the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to identify gamblers whom owe right back child support, adding those criminal record checks to people already happening against a database of debtors.

Lottery, Racetracks Also Recover Funds

These checks are also created by the Ohio Lottery, which runs the state’s seven racetrack casinos. At the casinos, database checks will be set off by wins of $1,200 or more on slot machines, $5,000 or maybe more on table games, and $600 or even more on some high-stakes games. Any prize of $600 or more will be checked against owed child-support payments, while wins of $5,000 or more trigger checks against back taxes and student loans at the racetracks.

‘ We sweep for many state debts,’ said Lire la suite