Why Men Fall Asleep After Intercourse, along with other Answers

Why Men Fall Asleep After Intercourse, along with other Answers

Co-authors Mark Leyner and Dr. Billy Goldberg give responses to concerns which range from the bizarre to your somewhat embarrassing in « Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Intercourse, » their follow-up guide for their number 1 nyc occasions bestseller, « Why Do Men Have Nipples? »

From questions regarding dogs’ stomach buttons to knocking straight straight down old spouses’ tales — no real question is too strange with this duo.

The writers answer a number of those essential questions that are medical.

« Why Do Man drift off After Intercourse » is present in bookstores now.

Concern: out there — and we’ve got to ask: Why do men fall asleep after sex?

Leyner: People have no idea how much work it is for a man to produce an ejaculation so you put it. You have got this vesicle that is seminal out this fluid, the prostate gland creating an alkaline solution. It is like having five iron chefs in your crotch attempting to prepare up these things.

Goldberg: you can find hormones which are secreted at orgasm — proloactin, oxytocin –that enhance rest. However you need to accept as gospel that males orgasm more than females. Then you have got your solution as to the reasons males go to sleep after intercourse. if that is true, . Plus it may seem like females do not. If ladies orgasm up to men, we may all be asleep on a regular basis.

Concern: Who snores more — guys or females — and exactly why?

Leyner: Men snore more and lot from it is anatomic. Guys’s airways are not since wide as women’s when males put on weight they gain it around their neck which constricts the airways. Ladies, on the other side hand, put on weight within their sides.

Concern: Who listens more — and exactly why?

Leyner: There are many physiological reasons for the social stereotype.

Goldberg: it is not that individuals pay attention less — it is that people pay attention differently. A few studies utilized MRIs to glance at males versus females, and what goes on of their minds as they’re paying attention. Lire la suite